The cyber world is faced with two major challenges; users are not aware of the usage of images online and related licensing options, and rights holders are unable to prove ownership of their digital work or derivative content. They don’t have efficient tools to track the usage of their copyrighted images and spot the image theft. The current and potential features of COPYTRACK solve these key industry issues.


COPYTRACK, a German anti-piracy company, brings the first online platform dedicated to photographers and agencies, letting them track image theft and online copyright infringements globally. COPYTRACK effectively handles the licensing of publishers, news agencies, and photographers online in order to protect their image rights. The platform’s coverage is huge since it is currently operating in more than 140 countries through its global network of lawyers to tackle image theft cases.

How does COPYTRACK work?

At the heart of COPYTRACK is the global, decentralized copyright register for digital content that verifies users and links digital intellectual property. The platform works using a unique engine that searches COPYTRACK’s clients’ images over the web. Users can sort the search outcomes and report the copyright violation if any. With every new claim, COPYTRACK’s legal team starts the enforcement process.

The Current Technical Features

COPYTRACK is the first online platform of its kind that has already launched various exclusive features for the users, even before its ICO that is going to start from January 10, 2018. While the pre-sale of COPYTRACK is going on, a lot of features are already developed and in use, including:

  • High-Performance-Web-Crawler: It searches an infinite number of websites every day.
  • Unique Image Matching: This engine compares users’ images with all the findings and detects all editing activities like cropping, color changes etc.
  • Automatic Evidence: The evidence of stolen images are secured on an auto basis so that enforcement can be done successfully.
  • Period of Use: Users can find out how long their image was being used online.
  • Compensation Value: Compensation value is calculated automatically via in-built evaluation matrix.
  • Rights Clearing Portal: It informs the violating party about the case and evidence, to prove legal licensing or potentially license the image including online payment.
  • Infringing Party Detection: The platform’s state-of-the-art bots gather all information about the infringing party and from targeted websites.
  • PCI compliance: The platform follows the highest PCI security standards (bank-level).

What’s Coming Up Next?

The on-going pre-sale and the upcoming main ICO of COPYTRACK intend to fund the development of more novel features for its users worldwide. In future, users will be enjoying the following features:

  • Global Copyright Register where Right owners’ information will be saved in a decentralized fashion as hashes in the blockchain.
  • Transparent Licensing Information to be stored as hash in blockchain and includes right owners, right users and licensing terms.
  • The right owners will get Digital Copyright Certifications for each image.
  • Copyright and License Control is ensured as all images will be controlled for authorized use as per licensing periods.
  • Automatic licensing, renewals and abonnements for images will be enabled.
  • Fully transparent and instant payment through CPY token will be enabled within COPYTRACK ecosystem, excluding current international bank fees.
  • External Services will be available for the external users to execute reverse image search, track licensing information and research of rights owners.
  • COPYTRACK is an Open System as its blockchain features are applicable to other kinds of digital content including music, video etc.

COPYTRACK has set an example as a transparent, global, decentralized register for copyrights of digital content, and it will be bringing new developments in near future to increase the “fairness quotient” of the internet.

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