ICO Brothers company is launching a new project Brothers Rating. It is a platform for detailed evaluation and rating of ICO campaigns. Brothers Rating is a project which helps investors to analyze a project before investing in it. Brothers Rating is aiming to evaluate more than 100 different aspects of a project including secret reviews, so only projects with a high level of qualification and training can get a high rating. A specific advantage of the project is objectivity: Brothers Rating team consists of professionals in different fields of cryptomarket, who conduct their expert evaluation and analyze every project.

The project is based on the broad experience of ICO Brothers company. ICO Brothers is a team of professionals, who provide their services for ICO projects at every stage of project’s development. They have already helped to launch more than 180 international projects.  The idea of launching the Brothers Rating came up because of high interest of investors, approaching them to analyze and evaluate some of their projects. Taking everything into account, we can consider Brothers Rating to be the most professional one on the market.

The main services provided by Brothers Rating are classic analytic review, premium analytic review and trust production. Classic analytic review includes a detailed report of project’s evaluation and a text description pointing on the main problems which impact on the Rating. As another service they provide a detailed review of every aspect of project’s evaluation.  They also provide recommendations how to eliminate the problems and offer solutions. This service is called premium analytic review. Trust production is a unique service, provided only by Brothers Rating team. It includes visiting the office of a project team, creating an interview with questions asked by the funds, checking the real availability of the team, legal documents, audit of the project’s effectiveness, and then adding to the Brothers Rating website on page Passed by trust and on the project page. The video of the process is posted on the YouTube channel and shown to the large audience.

For more information about Brothers Rating services visit brothersrating.com