At the event held by VCCI on 5/7/2018 with the main topic “Upgrade the value of Agriculture product from Viet Nam in Global market by using
Blockchain Technology”, “King of Shrimp” proposed to co-operate with Lina.Review in their Blockchain technology.

“King of Shrimp” is a honourable and respectful name by almost Seafood Companies give to Mr. Le Van Quang — Chairman of Minh Phu seafood corporation. Within 100 million VND from beginning, Minh Phu seafood corporation has been in World’s 100 Largest Seafood Company in 2017, according to UnderCurrentNews, a journal of fishery in the UK.

According to UnderCurrentNews, Minh Phu Seafood Corporation reach US$524 million in 2016, the biggest Seafood exporter in Viet Nam and Top 4 in Asia. 2017 is a breakthrough year of “King of Shrimp”, Minh Phu Seafood Corporation reach “record” revenue is 21.424 Billion VND, revenue before taxes 800 billion VND, grow 24% from their original plan (647 Billion).

Discussing with Lina Network, the “King of Shrimp” list out problems in processing aquatic products nowadays:

  • Gathering Shrimp makes up 70% in total of Company’s processing but the quality is not equal due to Small and individual farm, not follow the standard process, which brings difficult choices to his Company.
  • The quantity from farms is small and not stable.
  • If the company requests a standard process from farmers to upgrade quality of shrimp then the price will grow 5–10%, but the selling-price from the company cannot be grown.
  • Directly feed from the company just make up 30% in total, company want to apply high-tech to raise productivity and cut down the cost.
  • The fierce competition, the company needs to prove their quality of output in the global market.

“King of shrimp” — Chairman of the Biggest Seafood Corporation in Viet Nam wants to co-operate with Lina to solve the problem:

  • Apply blockchain into Supply Chain that connected Farmers 2ha — 6ha and the Company. This will control and prove the process of shrimp product meets conditions of Quantity and Quality, given good profit for both sides.
  • Apply Blockchain, AI into the process of feeding shrimp of Minh Phu company to raise productivity and cut down the management fee.
  • Apply Blockchain: make a competition, make a difference about quality and product’s brand to customers but keep an original price.

As known, the conference VCCI was held by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry branch in Can Tho co-hosted with Lina Network

Attending the conference, there are reputative speakers: Mr. Nguyen Phuong Lam — the representative of VCCI Can Tho. Mr. Vu Truong Ca — Charmain of Lina Network JSC. Mr. Ha Duc Long — CTO of Lina Network. Besides the speakers, there is more than 300 participants from Companies in manufacturing agricultural-aquatic product.



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